Boom Travel – Most Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is Boom Travel?
A: Boom Travel is a trading subsidiary of Advance Travel Partners, the 7th largest corporate travel provider in the U.K with annual turnover in excess of €800m with over 50 Office Locations worldwide.

Boom Travel is a 'trade only' organisation and transacts only with Atol bonded travel companies within the United Kingdom and organisations globally. Boom Travel does not trade directly with the general public.
Q: How do I access Boom Travel?
A: You can access the great airfares of Boom Travel at and entering your login details. In addition, Boom Travel provides access to our extensive airfare content through 3rd party technology providers around the world.
Q: What if I don’t have my company ID and Password?
A: To register for a new trading account and/or company password, visit, click 'new agent registration' and complete the required company information.

To request your existing login details either visit and select ‘forgot my password’ or email, providing us with your company information
Q: Do I need to sign up to a licence contract?
A: No – There is no licence contract or fee – all you need to do is register to use our service and accept the terms and conditions.
Q: Are the airfares fully Atol protected?
A: Boom Travel trades with its agency partners in the United Kingdom on an 'Atol to Atol' basis and passengers are protected under the purchasing agency's Atol Licence. Global partnerships are excluded from Atol legislation. Because of this we are able to offer great savings on the airfare price.
Q: Is Boom Travel covered by Scheduled Airline Failure Protection (SAFP) & ATOL Protection Contribution (APC)?
A: No – Scheduled airline Failure Protection (SAFP) and ATOL Protection Contribution (APC) are covered under the purchasing agency's Atol licence.
Q: What can I book on
A: Boom Travel provides access to great value airfares with over 180 scheduled airlines. In addition, Boom Travel negotiates net/consolidator airfare contracts with over 75 scheduled airlines.

One Way and return tickets are available for purchase in addition to worldwide departures and open-jaws. All are subject to the applicable airline rules.

Combined with LowCost Carriers, providing an unparalleled level of content.
Q: Can I book 'Inclusive Tour (ITX)' Fares on
A: YES – The fare type (IT FARE) will be shown in the fare display. These can be booked but YOU MUST adhere to the minimum required ground arrangements needed to fulfil the airfare terms and conditions. Boom Travel will require details of the confirmed ground booking and requirements will be enforced by Boom Travel.

Failure to comply may result in access to all Boom Travel products and services being withdrawn and local trading conditions may apply.
Q: What commission is paid by Boom Travel?
A: We trade on an 'Atol to Atol' basis with our trade partners within the United Kingdom and all airfares are provided Net with no commission or agency earning. Any fees should be charged by the purchasing agency before sale to the customer.
Q: Are all fares illustrated available?
A: Yes – If you are searching 'available fares' the prices illustrated are available and accurate to the search criteria requested. The fare quote will remain the same from the beginning to the end of the booking process and include all pre-paid taxes and charges.

Alternatively – you can search 'Fares Only' which will deliver all relevant airfares for your search criteria with an 'indication' of availability. Please note - These results do not include pre-paid taxes and charges and are for guidance only.
Q: Is overseas departure tax included within the price?
A: Many countries impose airport or departure taxes. Where these can be paid in advance, the cost will be included in the ticket price quoted. Other taxes may be payable at the destination and we would recommend you take a moment to look at the relevant tourist board website for latest information.
Q: Can I complete an Open-Jaw search on
A: YES – This can be done on the search page by selecting the 'open jaw search'. These combinations are also available through our 3rd party relationships where supported.

NB: Open-Jaws are only available when using the 'Available Fares' search and are subject to the applicable airline rules.
Q: Can I hold flight options online?
A: YES, you can hold CONSOL fares on option for up to 48 hours (subject to airline ticketing restrictions). PUBLISHED fares can be held until 16:00 hrs on the day of reservation creation and subject to standard opening hours.

You can confirm your reservation by email to

NB: Trading conditions will apply and 'hold option' will not be available to all customers. If after the hold period you do not confirm your reservation it will be automatically cancelled.
Q: What if I book by email or telephone?
A: is an online product. As such we are able to pass on our very best airfares to our trade partners. We do accept bookings by email or telephone but will administer an 'offline booking fee' of £25.00 per passenger for Economy and Premium Economy bookings, and £35.00 per passenger for Business and First Class.
Q: How do I pay for bookings on
A: Boom Travel will accept payment by Credit Card or Debit Card. A credit card fee of 2% of the total purchase price or £1.00 flat fee for debit cards will be added to the total price charged.

If you are a member of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) you may pay using the Abta Single Payment Scheme (SPS) at no additional charge.

Other payment methods may be available subject to membership or affiliation to a travel consortia or grouping. Please enquire if this applies to your business with
Q: How do we receive agent documentation?
A: Once the booking is confirmed, paid and ticketed we will email you a final confirmation/e-ticket, this will act as the passenger travel documentation. In addition we will email you the agent invoice. In certain circumstances, all administration is managed by your reservation technology provider.
Q: What methods of ticketing will be used?
A: You don't need to worry about paper tickets as all tickets issued by Boom Travel are E-tickets. An E-ticket simply consists of several digits/numbers shown on your confirmation invoice e.g. NLGH1234567.
Q: I don't have my Confirmation/E-ticket – Can I request a duplicate?
A: YES – Itinerary and e-ticket information can be found in the 'My Bookings' section. Here you have access to where you can access and print your customer itinerary and e-ticket receipt. Quote your passenger surname and the first six characters of your booking reference.
Q: I don't have my Agent Confirmation Invoice – Can I request a duplicate?
A: YES – Just email your 'Booking reference', 'Passenger Name' and 'Date of Departure' to
Q: What if there is a schedule change to my client's flights?
A: If an airline notifies us of a schedule change (greater than one hour) we will email you notification. For changes up to 4 hours we will raise a new confirmation and email to you.

For changes of 4 – 8 hours we will email you a new confirmation and will require you to contact us to confirm acceptance of the new details within 14 days of receipt of the confirmation. If we do not hear from you we will assume acceptance of the change and a re-issue of the e-ticket will take place. Any further changes after this event will be deemed an amendment and normal administration charges will apply.

We encourage all clients booked with Boom Travel to check their flight details directly with the operating airline at least 72 hours prior to departure.
Q: What happens if my customer wants to change their booking?
A: Subject to airline rules permitting, any changes will incur an administration charge of £10.00 per ticket, per change. This is in addition to any airline charges.

Just email your 'Booking Reference', 'Passenger Name' and 'Date of Departure' along with the amendment you wish to make to
Q: What if my customer wishes to cancel?
A: If you need to cancel a confirmed ticket, you must confirm this to us by email to

You must state the Booking Reference, Passenger Name, Airline, Destination and Date of Departure.

Notice of a cancellation should always be made in a timely fashion and comply with the applicable airline cancellation requirements.

All refunded tickets will be credited back to the payment account that was initially charged, less any airline cancellation charges and the Boom Travel administrative fee of £25.00 per ticket.
Q: What if my clients have special requirements?
A: Boom Travel will assist where ever possible in cases of special requirements. We have detailed below some circumstances of particular assistance:


If your client is pregnant they should check with their doctor that it is safe for them to travel. If they are more than 28 weeks pregnant at the time of the return scheduled flight, airlines can insist on a medical certificate stating they are fit to fly.


In normal circumstances, for UK registered aircraft, infants under 6 months must sit on the adults lap with an infant-strap during the flight. Infants over 6 months and under 2 years must sit on the adults lap unless there is a vacant seat. The minimum age limit for infants on scheduled flights is 2 weeks of age, on the date of departure. Infants will not be charged all applicable taxes (unless you are purchasing a seat) but some charges will apply.


For travellers with special dietary requirements, special meals can normally be requested, and must be done so well in advance of the departure date. Whilst Boom Travel accepts no responsibility for the availability of special meals we recommend specific requests be made direct with the operating airline.

Seating Request:

Where ever possible Boom Travel will pass on passenger seat requests. However, seat requests cannot be guaranteed and we would recommend specific requests be made direct with the operating airline. In some cases seating requests are restricted to online check-in or airport check-in allocation. Boom Travel will not be held responsible for requested seating being unavailable at check-in.

Frequent Flyer:

Frequent flyer membership information can be passed to the relevant airline. Please be aware that not all tickets sold by Boom Travel are eligible for mileage or points accrual. We would recommend you check with the specific airlines concerned regarding the use of frequent flyer membership with your booking.

Please Note: Whilst we do all possible to keep this information up to date and accurate it sometimes changes. We would always recommend referring to the specific airline or tourist information service for the most up to date advice.
Q: What if my passengers are travelling to the U.S.A?
A: The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and the TSA (Transport Security Administration) require Secure Flight Passenger Data for all bookings travelling to the U.S.A. This must include the passenger name (as they appear on their passport) and date of birth in the booking before Boom Travel is able to issue the ticket.

This information is a mandatory requirement and must be completed for all passengers. The information is collected by Boom Travel on behalf of your airline. The airline is obliged to pass it to the TSA. The TSA website is a useful source of information:

In addition, passengers are required to fulfil their Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) information and this must be complete at least 72 hours prior to departure. For more information visit
Q: What if I would like to make a suggestion or provide feedback on your website and service?
A: We at Boom Travel always welcome our client feedback. As a trade only organisation, everything we do is designed around the needs of our clients.

We would welcome your input, please email our Sales Team on